is the result of the combination of the areas at which I feel at home. born and grewn up the alpine region, I spent the last eight years in essen. both areas are homeland for me, at both locations I feel similarly well. even if essen isnīt - in my eyes - a beauty, the people who live there are some of the friendliest and open-minded humans I ever met. in the alpine region however it behaves oppositely: I love the visual impressions, the natives however seem to me very narrow-minded and selphish.
wolperting makes it at least virtually possible, to melt down two homelands to one. the name wolperting - derived from "wolpertinger", a Bavarian fabulous creature, stands for exactly that melting process. a wolpertinger is an animal (a fabulous creature - does not exist in reality...I guess) which consits of eight or more different animals. it classical can have hare paws, deer antlers, eagle owl wings, cat claws, dog head, etc. exactly like the wolpertinger it also behaves with my work wolperting: the idea to select and then combine the best ressources of the two homland-areas, is modelful for my imaging idea. from various, for me meaningful locations in my new and old homeland I developed areas, which unite the advantages of both regions into one another. the digital photography - the discipline photo-collage - served me because the digital treatment of pictures makes it possible to create landscapes which look as if they would be genuine. (but of course are not!). wolperting is one realistically seeming work, which tries to simulate my (virtual but) perfect homeland. only on the second view the viewer is able to recognize that it concerns a collage. on the first look the work should seem to be "just another panoramic image", after looking at the pictures for a longer time they are intended make the viewer think over the depicted situation again - and eventually find out that somethingīs wrong. landscape and architecture of two completely different, opposite regions merge with one another, without stepping into competition.
my goal was, to design a virtual region consisting of the two homelands united in one. my indecision of not knowing exactly where my homeland/home-area is located between essen and the alpine region was the motivation for wolperting. the increasing electrification and digitalization of humans made it possible, to have homelands which do not exist in reality but virtual. however, my virtual homeland is wolperting.